My journey to BRAVE.

A journal given to me by my sweet friend who is one brave chick!

In July of 2012 a friend and I took our girls to see the newest Disney movie. We sat chatting through the previews and then without much notice the movie started.  The movie had already been playing for a few minutes when the one-word title exploded onto the screen and as it did something inside of me leapt.  I know that sounds strange. It seemed strange to me also but I knew immediately that there was something significant about the word…BRAVE.

Part of my role at For the Girls International is to cast vision and lay out themes our conferences and events.  When we went to see the movie we were smack dab in the middle of the planning for our 2012 conference but in that instant I knew the theme for 2013 just had to be – BE BRAVE!

What I didn’t know was that a few months from then I would experience a life event that would begin an unraveling that I could not stop no matter how hard I tried.  I have been through episodes of depression in my life before but despite every effort to pull it together on my own in October of 2012, I came undone.

I didn’t realize back in July that God was about to require me to embark on a brave journey.  That in order to inspire others to be brave with their lives I would first have to be brave with mine.

I have always believed that our stories are not for us to keep to ourselves but to share. We are all connected on this journey of life.  I know very well that it takes time to work up the courage to share parts that may make us feel vulnerable and exposed.  But it is there, in that place of transparency and vulnerability that real connection occurs. It is there that hearts heal together.

There is a time and a place for everything and I believe it is time for me to share more of my story. And my hope is that it can help someone else heal.  So here’s to being brave together!

Inscription inside my journal

6 thoughts on “My journey to BRAVE.

  1. Thea

    Beautiful post Tracey. I LOVE our new FTGI theme for the year!!! How appropriate for so many of us!

    Losing my mom to cancer a while back and not losing my mind at the same time was one of the Bravest most Courageous things to date that I’d had to live through. God is good and I’m still here taking one brave step at a time.

    Love this one liner from our last GNO: “Sometimes you just gottat do it scared!” This line from Cinda’s talk resonates in me all the time, since I heard it! When ever I get that fearful feeling in my gut, I audibly tell myself “just do it scared!”

    It’s like stepping in the water in faith and having those waters that could have easily swallowed me up, part before my eyes.

    You are a blessing!



    1. Thank you Thea…so glad you are on board with the theme! It did seem to hit home to many! I didn’t know about your mom ~ I am so sorry to hear that. So our stories are very similar. So nice to know that we have each other to encourage us along the journey! “Do it afraid” is one of my mantras as well…sometimes you just have to chant it through chattering teeth 🙂 Thanks for the feedback…you are a blessing too!


  2. Thanks for sharing Tracey, and for being so willing to go where God leads you, even when its uncomfortable. That’s the hard part, yet so freeing at the same time. I feel so blessed to have come to meet so many great women that are involved in FTGI, and look forward to growing those relationships…and all that boils down to a big thanks to you and what you do, and your heart to do it. Will be sure to come back for following posts 🙂


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