Feeling Stuck? 3 things I learned about feeling stuck.


“I feel STUCK”

These were the words I said to God while there was still sleep in my eyes. I was lying in bed, the day had not even started yet and I felt defeated. For a prolonged period of time I had been feeling stuck.

I am someone who needs to feel like I’m making progress. I think most of us are right? Who likes to be stagnant and feel like they are not getting anywhere?

I was definitely in whining mode but thankfully God loves us anyway – even when we whine. I heard him whisper, “Get up. Make a cup of tea. And grab your bible.”

He knows I need tea before anything.

So, tea in hand, not really knowing where I was going to read, I opened my new study bible I had gotten for Christmas. The little note to the reader at the top of the page caught my eye and I almost fell over.

Following God Even When Stuck.IMG_3161

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Here’s what it said:

We no longer have the Lord’s visible cloud above us, but we have His infallible Word in our hands. We have His providential ordering of our circumstances and His promise to direct us in all our ways. If we seem stuck for the moment, even if it appears to be for a prolonged period, we are better off to remain stuck in God’s will than to wander off on our own.  Sometimes we can make a lot of progress while standing still, even though it does not appear so at the time.  If as best you can determine, you are in God’s will, try not to worry about the pace of things. Just take one day at a time. 

I went on to read the passage (Number 9: 15-23) about the Israelites wandering around in the dessert on their way to the promised land. It spoke of how God has provided a cloud over the Tabernacle and the Israelites were instructed to stay where they were until the cloud moved. If it was one day or weeks at a time they were not to move until the cloud moved. I knew in that moment I was right where I belonged. Although I wanted to run or hide I would do neither. I would dig in right where I was until the cloud moved.

So here’s what I learned: 

1. God speaks through the Bible.

Ok, so I already knew that BUT I forget all. the. time.  I pray for answers but neglect to read His word. That is the #1 way He speaks.  He speaks lots of ways but if He seems silent, His written word is always there to comfort and direct.

2. It only appears that we are STUCK.

Notice, Dr. Jeremiah (the author of the study guide part of my bible) says…if we SEEM stuck and although it APPEARS to be a prolonged amount of time. Our human perception deceives us. Whenever I start a sentence with, “I just feel….” my husband is quick to point out the operative word- FEEL. Feelings can be intuitive but they can also be deceiving when emotion is attached to them. God has a purpose for exactly where you are in this season.

3. Eventually the cloud will move. (Thank heavens!)

This takes the pressure of having to figure it out off of my shoulders. Just move with the cloud and believe that what God has promised you will come to pass!

Because I have short term memory loss when it comes to holding onto truth I do silly things to remind myself. Do what helps you – write it on sticky notes and post them around your house or on your desk…write it on your mirror with lipstick like I did as a reminder. But hang on to TRUTH no matter what!



17 thoughts on “Feeling Stuck? 3 things I learned about feeling stuck.

  1. Rayna Wright

    Move with the clouds! What a great reminder to stay in step with our God, not in the past or racing towards the ‘next’…LOVE this! Thank you!


  2. Wow. These are the very words that I needed to read this morning. I’ve been feeling stuck lately and I know that in time I’ll move forward with God, but until then I will remain faithful in waiting on Him until that cloud starts moving again. Thank you for this!!


  3. Oh my goodness Tracey……your post spoke to my heart…..in reading it this morning the realization that no one is immune to being stuck… no age…or season of love…and the sticky residue that we leave behind if we try to remove it before God is ready was an A-HA moment. Thank you dear sister.


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