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Two weeks ago we had our last Girls Night Out of the year for For the Girls International . Over 150 women gathered around the theme of being “anchored” in our faith. There was music and fun and our hearts were knitted together. I asked the speakers for the evening to recap their “talks” in a blog so that those who were present could revisit and those who missed could be blessed!! I loved these mental pictures that Cynda Harris brought to us that evening and she has recapped it for us here. I pray these words will speak to you right where you are and help you to press on, even when the waters are rough.

Lead Me On by Cynda Harris

Music always inspire me. Whether it’s in personal or group worship, in preparation for my day or any type of ministry.

When Tracey first spoke to me about sharing at the Fall GNO, the song “Steady Heart” had been my song of choice for the last few weeks personally and for the Life Class that I was leading at the time.

As I was fully involved in my day at home, I put my headsets in my ears and began to listen to the words…

“Oh, I can’t see what’s in front of me

still I will trust You. Still I will trust You.”

God immediately showed me a picture of a woman standing on the beach. As the song continued, it was almost as if I were watching her prepare herself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The waves and the sky didn’t look very welcoming and even though she couldn’t see on the other side, she knew it was the direction she was supposed to go.

Watching her, I found myself encouraging her to trust Him and to follow His voice regardless of what she saw ahead of her, how she got there or the questionable voices inside her head. It was her time to step into the unknown and say “lead me on.”

And, she did.

Immediately, I saw a second woman in the center of an ocean. It looked like she was alone in her boat being whipped by the wind and wild waves.

“Thought the sky is dark and the wind is wild

You’ll never leave me. You’ll never leave me”

In this picture, I saw a woman in the center of the boat. She, knowing at any moment that the winds could take her on a different path or course, was focused on the Creator of the wind and trusting that IN THIS STORM God was building faith, confidence and would be the One in control of her destination.

She had two options: Turn back or let go and say “lead me on.”

As soon as I saw her release, she began to recognize that He was closer than she ever knew Him to be and was in control of the winds and the waves. As I saw her take her focus off of her surroundings, I could see her recalling saying “yes” on her shoreline and saying more confidently and louder than ever before “Lead me on.”

“Steady heart that keeps on goingtumblr_mqs7mhCQDk1s9rnz8o1_1280

Steady love that keeps on hoping

Lead me on

Steady grace that keeps forgiving

Steady faith that keeps believing

Lead me on

The third woman I saw was arriving at the Other Side. She was standing in the boat preparing to disembark. Thoughts flooded her mind of questions and new adjustments. But rather than being consumed with any hesitations, she knew this was her Next. And, as she was about to step onto new land she knew God had equipped her for this new journey. Each experience had shown her Who her true Anchor was; He was faithful in the promise that the light would break. And, it did.

“And as the dawn breaks

and the cloud clear

in an open space

Together we will run”

Whether you are that girl on the shore staring in the face of the unknown, find yourself in the middle of an open ocean in the middle of a furious storm, or getting ready to step into your Next, God has a destination point with you in mind. Every ounce of your life Story ~ the beautiful and the ugly will be useful and is a part of the stepping stones that will build the place that you are to run freely as you were created, but to teach others to do the same.

Where are you at right now? At a new shoreline? In the middle of a storm? Approaching your new territory/season?

How can you become more aware of His presence?

Write the phrase “Lead me on” where you can see it daily and recognize how and where He will guide your steps.

Steady Heart – Written by Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook (Bethel Music)

Keep steady my steps according to Your promise (Psalm 119:133)

About the Author:

OurTeam-Cynda3Cynda has been in ministry for over 20 years and is a certified life coach. She is a co-founder of For the Girls International, Inc. and the founder of Grow Life, Inc. Cynda has recently come on board as FTGI’s Director of Life Coaching and offers a variety of coaching options including groups and individual coaching. Click here for more information.

Cynda and her husband, Dave, live in New Port Richey. They have been married for 31 years and have 4 wonderful children, a lovely daughter-in-law and a sweet baby grandson

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